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Proctological Consultation150zł
Rubber band ligation Barron method400zł
Rafaelo - Hemorrhoids removal radio frequency signalsfrequency signals)700zł
Hemorrhoids sclerotherapy treatment450zł
Longo's method2900zł
Anal fissure (laser treatment)500zł
Anal fissure (injections)700zł
Removal of piles (CO2 laser)500zł
Laser sphincterotomy500zł
Incision of the perianal thrombus (blood clot)450zł


Phlebological consultation100zł
Doppler ultrasounds + consultation200zł
EVRF – (Radio Frequency varicose veins removal) - 1 leg3000zł
EVRF – (Radio Frequency varicose veins removal) - 2 legs during one treatment5500zł
Mini Phlebectomy1000zł-2000zł
Foam sclerotherapy (1 ampoule)400zł
Spider veins (Thighs/calves)400zł


Surgical consultation100zł
Excision of skin lesion up to 1 cm250zł
Excision of skin lesion up to 5 cm350zł
Excision of skin lesion exceeding 5 cmPriced individually
Histopathological examination80zł
Disulfiram implant600zł
CO2 laser surgical procedure – excision of up to 3 lesions200zł
Nail removal, nail plasty300zł
Surgical removal of clumps of yellow1500zł


Belly6 300zł
Inner thighs4 500zł
External thighs4 500zł
Knees3 000zł
Back4 000zł
Arms4 000zł
Gynecomastia fat4 300zł
Glandular gynecomastia3 500zł
Gynecomastia mixed7 000zł
Chin3 000zł
Chin+so. Hamsters3 500zł
Fat transfer to the breast4 500zł
Intravenous anesthesia600zł

* Procedures performed for prevention, health saving, recovering and repairing purposes are exempted from VAT.
Please feel welcome to contact and visit our medical centres in Warsaw, Wrocław, Olsztyn and Gliwice.

About varicose veins know everything!

We offer modern and effective methods of treatment, handling and removal of varicose veins and hemorrhoids - laser and radio waves.
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