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Surgery in installments

Surgery in installments 

In order to respond to the needs of our Patients, all the procedures performed in our Flebonet Medical Centres are available on an installment plan and without the necessity of immediate engagement of their resources.

MediRaty, the medical services financing system, enables to spread out the payments for the treatment into as many as 60 installments. The maximum amount of financing is PLN 50 000. Adjusting the parameters of financing and details of the agreement are settled during an individual phone conversation. The agreement is signed in a place convenient for our client. If you have any questions please do not hesitate and contact our all-Poland reception desk.

In order to find out the amount of installment payment for a treatment selected by you, please use the calculator.

About varicose veins know everything!

We offer modern and effective methods of treatment, handling and removal of varicose veins and hemorrhoids - laser and radio waves.
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