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Treatment of varicose veins

Operowanie żylakówTreatment of varicose veins

We offer a wide array of treatment methods such as traditional stripping, minimally invasive crio-stripping and endovascular radio frequency (EVRF)– endoluminar technique of endovenous vein sealing with the application of radio frequency signals.


Selection of a treatment method


Not all patients can be treated in the same way. Moreover, some of the treatment methods cannot be applied to some of the patients. During a consultation with your doctor the following matters will be discussed: the advancement of the varicose veins and the best treatment method for you. We strive to achieve not only the best therapeutic but also cosmetic outcomes. EVRF and crio-stripping procedures last about 1 hour. A comfortable compression stocking is  applied for 24 hours after the procedure and is then used by the patient for about 3 weeks.  The patient is ready to resume daily activities within one day and professional ones within few days following the treatment.


leczenie żylakówMany people are afraid of anaesthesia and they decide against the procedure as they are afraid  of general anaesthesia or an epidural (injection in the back).  Our centres provide local anaesthesia for all varicose veins procedures, even in the case of large changes in the veins.  This, on one hand, allows us to perform a procedure even on patients whose medical condition prevents the administration of any other anaesthesia, and on the other  – it allows a patient to be discharged immediately after the procedure. This type of anaesthesia can be easily combined with anaesthetic sedation, which additionally improves patients’ comfort during the procedure.


Treating varicose veins

As it was mentioned earlier each patient and each condition varies. The treatment does not always require stripping or EVRF procedures, especially in cases where the cause lies in incompetent perforator veins – veins which connect superficial veins to deep veins. The best treatment method to be applied involves ultrasound-guided closing off perforator veins and then the varicose veins extraction with the application of the Muller’s method. The method consists in making very narrow incisions and then grasping and removing the varicose veins with a small hook.  The procedure leaves only small dots which cease to be visible after 2-3 months.


Small changes i.e. reticular veins, telangiectasies, venectasia or spider veins are treated with different methods. The best way to remove vessels whose diameter oscillates between 1 to 2 mm is by sclerotherapy which involves the injection of sclerosants (aethoksysklerol or sklero-vein) in a form of liquid or foam into the targeted vein. The injections are administered with syringes fitted out with very fine needles making the procedure almost painless. The inflammatory process starts in the injected lesions leading to vein fibrosis and causing blood clotting within it.

It takes a few weeks to complete the vein closing process. During the first week after the procedure a patient has to wear compression stockings. Performing sclerotherapy with VEINLITE LED VEINLITE illuminated veins allows a doctor to find small vessels feeding veins and reticular veins located up to 1 cm deep in the skin which are invisible in the ultrasound scanning.


Varicose veins of lower extremities

Our medical centres in Wrocław and Gliwice provide our patients with wide portfolio of varicose veins and hemorrhoids treatment methods unavailable at public healthcare centres, including state-of-the-art varicose veins therapies such as laser and radio frequency treatments. We also perform a Doppler Ultrasound exams.

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About varicose veins know everything!

We offer modern and effective methods of treatment, handling and removal of varicose veins and hemorrhoids - laser and radio waves.
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